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How to choose a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery is a procedure adapted to repair birth defects and deformalities through diseases and accidents and for cosmetic reasons. In other words, plastic surgery is resorted to so that the physical appearance of a person is enhanced. However, whatever the plastic surgery you need to be done, it is necessary to choose a qualified and reputed plastic surgeon.

To choose the right plastic surgeon, it is important to first make a list of possible candidates. You can find out references from friends who have undergone plastic surgery; however, donít decide only on this information as each patient and surgery is unique and produces individual results. You could also ask for references from your family doctor, and find out how many people have used his services. To find out if the surgeon is really safe, you could also ask your doctor if he or she would use the services of this plastic surgeon!

Information from operating room nurses is usually safe; so if you know one, you could rely on the information they provide. Call on your community hospital and find out about plastic surgeons there and those they will recommend for the particular procedure. Then there are information services different countries have on the different doctors. Inclusion of names in these lists confirms that these doctors are certified and trustworthy.

Some cities also have special directories that can be referred to find out about plastic surgeons. Then there are the yellow pages that that have physicianís names; however, here anyone can claim anything. So it is better to be careful with these plastic surgeons.

Once you have a list of likely candidates, you have to check their credentials as good credentials increase your odds. Check on the amount of training done by the surgeon and the school that was attended. Surgeons from accredited institutions are more capable. You also have to ascertain that the surgeon is board certified where the surgeon is certified only if two years of plastic surgery practice is done, and when the surgeon passes written and oral exams. Find out what hospital privileges the surgeon offers and call on the hospital to confirm. Of course, experience too is an important point to be taken into consideration. Find out when your particular last surgery was done by the surgeon.

Once you have narrowed your list to a few surgeons, you can have an initial consultation to compare their personalities, opinions, fees and how they answer your questions and provide explanations. Remember, you have to pay for this, whether or not you use his or her services! Once all your doubts are cleared, and the doctor feels competent for your surgery, you may as well go ahead with your plastic surgery.

Fact According to; 36% of plastic surgeons saw a couple that underwent surgery together. 25% saw a mother and daughter who had surgery together. 31% saw a patient who received plastic surgery as a gift. 6% saw sisters having plastic surgery together. 4% saw friends having plastic surgery together.

The choice to decide on plastic surgery is a hot one today. Whether it be for medical or personal reasons make sure you do all the research. Visit several doctors in your area, ask many questions and ask friends and family for reviews. Friendly testimonials are the best.