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The discovery channel has been airing many programs on plastic surgery on a client documentry basis. Good for research!


Plastic Fantastic

Feel you are missing out on something ? Do you have second thoughts going to that dinner party ? Feeling kind of shy just walking down the street ? Well, maybe its time for a change. And not just any change. Its time for a change that will make your life turn around. Its time for a change that makes men turn around (after you). Plastic surgery is changing the lifes of thousands of human beings around the world every day. Plastic surgery has become a treatment for every woman and plastic surgery has become social accepted in all societies, not only in the upper class like it used to be.

Now people from the middle class and the lower classes are taking part in this wonderful world of plastic surgery. The cost of an operation performed by a respected surgeon has dropped the last years and there is no need to sell the house just for getting a breast augmentation or reduction. Its enough to work only that few hours extra. (If you are lucky your boyfriend will pay : ) The competition in the plastic surgery business are getting tougher and tougher every day and what you would pay some years ago its nothing near what you will pay today.

Plastic surgery is not time consuming like it used to be. You can just drive to the clinic in the morning and by noon you should be fine and on your way home. The recovery time is shorter than ever, a few years ago you would have to expect up to one month rest after having performed plastic surgery. Todays surgery technic makes you ready to go in less than a week, depending on what kind of surgery you are getting. And the best thing is that plastic surgery is not risky anymore. There was a time when any kind of doctor would jump all over you just to get the chance to trim your nose hair. That times are over and today you can expect to get highly trained surgeons only performing the plastic surgery on you.

Fact According to; 36% of plastic surgeons saw a couple that underwent surgery together. 25% saw a mother and daughter who had surgery together. 31% saw a patient who received plastic surgery as a gift. 6% saw sisters having plastic surgery together. 4% saw friends having plastic surgery together.

The choice to decide on plastic surgery is a hot one today. Whether it be for medical or personal reasons make sure you do all the research. Visit several doctors in your area, ask many questions and ask friends and family for reviews. Friendly testimonials are the best.