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Dangers of Plastic Surgery

Life is something that comes with its share of risks and dangers. All of our actions point to some form of risk; of which one of them is plastic surgery. Though plastic surgery dramatically helps to change our external appearances so that we are more presented to the world, it has its share of risks. With plastic surgery, unwanted marks like moles, scars from accidents and illnesses, excess fat and structural deformalities are eliminated; with some risk!

Though plastic surgery today is done with new techniques and technology, there is always the possibility of complications arising from the surgery. As it is, the complications due to the surgery are rare; sometimes using the wrong anesthetic dosage can cause some complications to the patient. Without the right anesthesia, there is a possibility of the patient gaining consciousness, and thus be aware of the proceeding of the operation. This may in turn lead to the patient moving the body, wherein the surgeon may find it difficult to perform the operation, and make some mistakes.

Scarring is also another common dangerous possibility of plastic surgery. Of course, all surgeries involve some scars as you have to expect scars when a knife is applied to the body. However, in plastic surgeries, the scar is usually placed in places which are not easily visible like under creases of the breast and in the hairline for facial surgeries. Sometimes these scars become too large, that they are obvious. It is the facial complications and scars that arise from mistakes of the physician that are the hardest to repair.

Then there is the danger of blood clots, bleeding and infections in plastic surgery. These dangers can be rectified by close monitoring after surgery. Signs of fever indicate infection, and other signs of blood clots and bleeding can be rectified with the proper post surgery care.

The most severe danger of plastic surgery is nerve damage. Patients have experienced difficulty moving muscles at the site of the surgery. Some have also lost sensations in the operated area; but this is usually temporary and sensations return after some time. Then there are dangers that come along with the type of plastic surgery that is performed. With facial plastic surgery, there is a chance of facial features looking abnormal, experiencing premature aging and some tissue damage. In breast enhancement, nerve and sensory damage is possible at the operation site, scars, infections, skin discoloration, unevenness in skin, and perhaps some allergy to the anesthesia administered.

So it can be seen that plastic surgery has its share of dangers. It is necessary that one is aware of these dangers, so that there will not be any shocks or ignorance after the plastic surgery procedure is done with.

Fact According to; 36% of plastic surgeons saw a couple that underwent surgery together. 25% saw a mother and daughter who had surgery together. 31% saw a patient who received plastic surgery as a gift. 6% saw sisters having plastic surgery together. 4% saw friends having plastic surgery together.

The choice to decide on plastic surgery is a hot one today. Whether it be for medical or personal reasons make sure you do all the research. Visit several doctors in your area, ask many questions and ask friends and family for reviews. Friendly testimonials are the best.